I use a 4K, 30fps camera to take some footage, some at high speed, it doesn't actually matter because even at low speed is the same effect.
So, when I play in any player it seems like they are micro-framing if this is an expression, it doesn't look smooth...not bad but not smooth. However if I increase the speed into the player with only 10% it looks smooth, it looks something that I like.

Can anyone throw some light over a dilemma regarding the speed increase with 10% of a movie without loosing quality or transforming everything in a framing misery?
Increasing the speed with 2,3x it seems easy but with 5,10% is too ugly.

I tried in DaVinci: Retime > Optical Flow, Motion > SpeedWrap. As my understanding is, after reading, that these two options are the best, anyway I lose too much quality.

Thank you!