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    You can try a faster preset. If x264 is using "medium", try "faster".

    You can also try (in Virtualdub) options/preferences/threading - set "video compression threads" to 1
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  3. Alternatively you may try to cut ads without recompression - for example with help of ffmpeg. Also perhaps you can use HW assisted compression - provide detailed HW specification - CPU model and GPU model.
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  4. It takes 2hours for 1hr 45min video - is about 0.75x speed. Encoding speed seems too slow for 720x480 video

    Are you doing other things, applying other filters ?

    Is laptop in throttling, overheating ? Check temps . Is laptop in low power energy saving mode ?

    What is the CPU usage during encoding ?
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  5. If you can live with cuts on keyframes only (every half second to several seconds, depending on the recording) you should try AviDemux. Open you source, leave Video Output and Audio Output set to "Copy", set Output Format to "MP4v2 Muxer". Then mark-in (A marker), mark-out (B marker), Edit -> Cut for each section you want to remove. Finally File -> Save... That last step will only take a minute or two.
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