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  1. Hello everybody, I am the author of VTCLab Media Analyzer (

    It's an in-browser tool to take a quick look into the internals of video files. It shows mostly high-level headers info, no macroblocks and coding tree units. Can be used to examine things like container metadata, VPS/SPS/PPS/Slice headers, SEI messages, etc. Requires no installation, just a more or less fresh browser with WebAssembly support.

    Here are the news from the most recent version:

    v0.2.4 2023-07-06
    * MP4: Support 'schm', 'sinf', 'schi', 'sgpd' 'sbgp', 'mehd', 'trex', 'sidx', 'mfhd', 'tfhd', 'tfdt', trun', 'mdcv', 'clli', 'cclv' boxes
    * TS: Add new PMT stream_types and descriptors from ISO/IEC 13818-1:2022
    * TS/MP4/AVC/HEVC/VVC: Add enum names for AspectRatio, ChromaFormat, ColourPrimaries, TransferCharacteristics, MatrixCoefficients and HDR_WCG_idc fields, human-friendly descriptions for luminance- and color-related fields
    * TS: Add DOVI_video_stream_descriptor support
    * TS: Recognise SCTE-35 streams, add 'cue_identifier_descriptor' support
    * VVC: Add support for several SEI messages, list names for others
    * VVC: APS header support, picture_header_structure draft
    * HEVC: Add names for Dolby Vision "Unspecified 62" and "Unspecified 63" NAL units
    * SEI: Add Kvazaar, Elemental info from SEI Unregistered messages
    * RBSP reader for AVC/HEVC/VVC: Fix incorrect behavior in some corner cases
    Full Version History is here or on GitHub

    Glad to hear any feedback
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  2. 2023-08-03 v0.2.5
    * TS: SCTE-35 streams support (commands only, no descriptors yet)
    * SEI: Add ATSC cc_data/bar_data/afd_data support in itu35 registered SEI
    * MP4: Support various flavours of XDCAM (MPEG-2) video
    * HEVC: time_code SEI support
    * TS: MHP AIT transport_protocol_descriptor support
    * Visualization: group long list of values into chunks of four items
    * MP4: support simple 'udta' boxes from 3GPP spec
    * MP4: Add 'av1C' (AV1CodecConfigurationBox), 'dOps' (OpusSpecificBox), 'dac4' (AC4SpecificBox) boxes support
    * MP4: basic recognition of compressed movie atoms ('cmov', 'dcom', 'cmvd')
    * Visualization: Print number of bytes in the utf8 string
    * TS: fix tag&length display for MHP AIT descriptors
    * MP4: fix hvcC flags display
    * Fix tables and arrays visualization
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  3. 2023-09-04 v0.2.6
    * Add support of Timed Text ('tx3g', 'text' sample entries) in MP4/MOV files
    * Add basic handling of  AC-4 streams ('ac4_syncframe' only) in MP4 & TS files
    * MPEG-TS: Support PSI tables & descriptors from ATSC A/65 standard, recognize all descriptors listed in DVB BlueBook A038r16
    * Add descriptions for 'cc_type' 'active_format', 'video_format' fields
    * Include PES packet type ('audio', 'video', private') to header name
    * Add basic detection of MPEG Program / System Streams
    * MP4/MOV: recognize more 'udta' boxes
    * Improve probe algorithm: better recognition of MP4, small TS files
    * Fix freezing in some cases of H.264 parsing
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