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  1. Hello everybody, I am the author of VTCLab Media Analyzer (

    It's an in-browser tool to take a quick look into the internals of video files. It shows mostly high-level headers info, no macroblocks and coding tree units. Can be used to examine things like container metadata, VPS/SPS/PPS/Slice headers, SEI messages, etc. Requires no installation, just a more or less fresh browser with WebAssembly support.

    Here are the news from the most recent version:

    v0.2.4 2023-07-06
    * MP4: Support 'schm', 'sinf', 'schi', 'sgpd' 'sbgp', 'mehd', 'trex', 'sidx', 'mfhd', 'tfhd', 'tfdt', trun', 'mdcv', 'clli', 'cclv' boxes
    * TS: Add new PMT stream_types and descriptors from ISO/IEC 13818-1:2022
    * TS/MP4/AVC/HEVC/VVC: Add enum names for AspectRatio, ChromaFormat, ColourPrimaries, TransferCharacteristics, MatrixCoefficients and HDR_WCG_idc fields, human-friendly descriptions for luminance- and color-related fields
    * TS: Add DOVI_video_stream_descriptor support
    * TS: Recognise SCTE-35 streams, add 'cue_identifier_descriptor' support
    * VVC: Add support for several SEI messages, list names for others
    * VVC: APS header support, picture_header_structure draft
    * HEVC: Add names for Dolby Vision "Unspecified 62" and "Unspecified 63" NAL units
    * SEI: Add Kvazaar, Elemental info from SEI Unregistered messages
    * RBSP reader for AVC/HEVC/VVC: Fix incorrect behavior in some corner cases
    Full Version History is here or on GitHub

    Glad to hear any feedback
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  2. 2023-08-03 v0.2.5
    * TS: SCTE-35 streams support (commands only, no descriptors yet)
    * SEI: Add ATSC cc_data/bar_data/afd_data support in itu35 registered SEI
    * MP4: Support various flavours of XDCAM (MPEG-2) video
    * HEVC: time_code SEI support
    * TS: MHP AIT transport_protocol_descriptor support
    * Visualization: group long list of values into chunks of four items
    * MP4: support simple 'udta' boxes from 3GPP spec
    * MP4: Add 'av1C' (AV1CodecConfigurationBox), 'dOps' (OpusSpecificBox), 'dac4' (AC4SpecificBox) boxes support
    * MP4: basic recognition of compressed movie atoms ('cmov', 'dcom', 'cmvd')
    * Visualization: Print number of bytes in the utf8 string
    * TS: fix tag&length display for MHP AIT descriptors
    * MP4: fix hvcC flags display
    * Fix tables and arrays visualization
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  3. 2023-09-04 v0.2.6
    * Add support of Timed Text ('tx3g', 'text' sample entries) in MP4/MOV files
    * Add basic handling of  AC-4 streams ('ac4_syncframe' only) in MP4 & TS files
    * MPEG-TS: Support PSI tables & descriptors from ATSC A/65 standard, recognize all descriptors listed in DVB BlueBook A038r16
    * Add descriptions for 'cc_type' 'active_format', 'video_format' fields
    * Include PES packet type ('audio', 'video', private') to header name
    * Add basic detection of MPEG Program / System Streams
    * MP4/MOV: recognize more 'udta' boxes
    * Improve probe algorithm: better recognition of MP4, small TS files
    * Fix freezing in some cases of H.264 parsing
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  4. 2023-10-03 v0.3.0
    * Matroska (MKV), WebM files support
    * MP4: Add 'styp', 'saiz', 'saio', 'pssh', 'tenc','trep', 'dfLa', 'cslg', 'stps', 'sdtp' boxes support
    * MP4: Display track references info ('tref' box)
    * MP4: Display raw data chunks for some unsupported codecs
    * SEI: ST2094-10 data, film_grain_characteristics, alpha_channel_info support
    * SEI: Add support of AVCIntra data sei
    * Improve streams recognition
    * MP4: rework handling of NAL-based streams
    * MP4: Improve performance of raw streams extraction, when there are a lot of small samples
    * MP4: Display names for metadata items as numbered list
    * MP4: Fix Timecode reading
    * PES: Fix usage of tref_extension_flag
    * HEVC: Fix crash on invalid array read
    * RBSP: Fix corner case on reading
    * MP4: Fix 'File Info' binding
    * AVC: Fix mvc_vui_parameters_extension reading
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  5. 2023-11-07 v0.4.0
    * VP8, VP9, AV1 video streams parsing
    * New formats supported: AVI, WAV, FLV
    * Fragmented MP4 files support
    * Extend parsing of AC-4 streams
    * Display Dolby Vision RPU data headers
    * Improve streams recognition, parsing performance
    * Various fixes for problems discovered by fuzzy testing
    * MP4: support 'chnl', 'albm', 'yrrc', 'loci', 'hnti', 'hinf' boxes
    * More descriptions for AC-4, AC-4, MPEG 1/2 Video, AVC and HEVC elements
    * Visualization: if raw bytes looks like a text, display them as a text
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  6. 2023-11-15 v0.4.1
    * Support 'spatial video' files shot by iPhone 15 Pro
    * HEVC: parse 'three_dimensional_reference_displays_info' SEI, multilayer version of SPS,
      'sps_multilayer_extension', 'pps_multilayer_extension' structures
    * MP4/MOV: Support 'lhvC' box
    * Visualization: show slice_type and layer_id (if not 0) in the header name
      for AVC/HEVC/VVC streams
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    Nov 2023
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    Cool! Ive been looking for an media analyzer! I could use one for the browser to check out the statistics and info from my own videos, mostly for fun! Do you have an program for the desktop allso?
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  8. Do you have an program for the desktop allso?
    Not yet. Stay tuned
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    Originally Posted by ivanb View Post
    Do you have an program for the desktop allso?
    Not yet. Stay tuned
    Yes ok, sounds cool. It would be real nice if it could work either with just any file on the computer, if i could connect to my file server and check out the stats on an video thru the connection, it would be real cool.. allso it would be awesome if it would be possible to connect to my own youtube account for example (or vimeo or whichever) and check the stats on the videos there allso! Alltough i dont have an YouTube account with videos on it, but it would be real cool! I think many would want such an program!
    Last edited by Swedaniel; 19th Nov 2023 at 07:23.
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  10. connect to my file server and check out the stats on an video thru the connection
    I'm curious, what kind of stats are you interested in (mostly)?
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  11. 2023-12-08 v0.4.2
    * Support LOAS/LATM AAC wrapping
    * Add FLAC audio support
    * AV1: support 'metadata_obu'
    * AAC: parse the beginning of AAC RAW packet
    * Display 'sei_message' types in the header name for AVC/HEVC/VVC streams
    * Recognize AnnexB streams stored in MP4 containers
    * Improve streams detection algorithm
    * More field descriptions for MPEG 1/2 Audio, AAC, AC-3 headers, MPEG-TS descriptors
    * MPEG-TS: Support DVB 'message_descriptor', "metadata_pointer_descriptor", 'TTML_subtitling_descriptor'
    * AVC: support 'frame_packing_assignment' SEI
    * If (only) the type of the stream is known, display it as "Unknown Video", "Unknown Audio", etc
    * MP4: Improve progress reporting for fragmented files
    * ProRes: Fix parsing of interlaced streams
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    Originally Posted by ivanb View Post
    connect to my file server and check out the stats on an video thru the connection
    I'm curious, what kind of stats are you interested in (mostly)?
    Hi, i had not seen his post! Well many stats could be of interest, but would be nice to check an file to see what the original file format is for it! sometimes videos get re-named, i guess for many different reasons, including the file format, would be be an usefull tool to have!
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  13. @Swedaniel, thank you for the feedback!
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  14. 2024-01-05 v0.4.3
    * VVC: support Picture Header parsing, improved PPS parsing
    * MP4: update box names and sample entry names from ISO/IEC 14496-15
    * MP4: support 'sync' and 'tscl' group description entries
    * RIFF: add OpenDML AVI headers support
    * AVI/MKV: print extra data in BITMAPINFOHEADER (if any)
    * MPEG-TS: fix default_authority_descriptor parsing
    * RIFF: fix stream assignment
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  15. 2024-02-22 v0.5.0
    * Major UI rework (dockable panels, command palette, hex view, context menus)
    * Search bytes/strings in the packet names or hex view
    * MP4: Add box names/structure from "Apple HEVC Stereo Video Format additions"
    * Print PES details (PTS/DTS/... presence) in the packet name
    * Print TS details (adaptation_field/payload_unit_start/PCR/OPCR/... presence, TS PID) in the packet name
    * Fix st2094_10 user data reading with ext_block_level == 2
    * MP4: Add "rtmd" box name/recognition
    * TS: Add S2_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor support
    * RIFF: names for OpenDML chunks
    * MKV: Fix reading of AVC/HEVC/VVC decoder configs
    * AVC: Improve dec_ref_pic_marking_repetition parsing
    * Extend number of known GUIDs in WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE
    * Recognize more video formats from VIDEOINFOHEADER
    Last edited by ivanb; 14th Mar 2024 at 01:16.
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  16. 2024-03-14 v0.5.1
    * Add DVB subtitles support
    * Add SCTE-27 subtitles support
    * Add drop-down menus for main UI panels
    * mpegts: Fix first PSI section parsing if pointer_field is not zero
    * mpegts: Fix error reporting for PSI tables with no stuffing
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  17. 2024-04-05 v0.5.2
    * Add AVS2/AVS3 video support
    * AVI subtitles support
    * IVF format support
    * Recognize AV1 in elementary OBU files
    * Recognize VP8/VP9 video in MP4 containers
    * PES: extended_stream_id handling
    * MPEG-TS: DVB content_identifier_descriptor support
    * Add dark theme & theme switching
    * VP8: Fix width & height calculation
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