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  1. Hi there
    I have some VCDs that were saved on an HDD many years ago in BIN & CUE files, and I wish to be able to find a way to extract these files the easy way. I have downloaded PowerISO, which I used many decades ago, but I cannot find any easy way of using it, other than creating virtual drives, which are not suitable for my needs?

    And before anyone mentions ISOBuster, I had the paid version many decades ago as well, but forget my registration details, and don't actually see the need to pay for it again as I can use Hybrid to extract the actual DAT files into a decent format.

    Really, what I am after, is some unzip type of program that will recognize the files and extract them back to how they would look as if I had just created a folder of the original discs and dragged and dropped all of its contents into it
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    If you can "mount" the cue/bin using PowerIso, do so and then copy the files/folders out of the virtual drive using copy/paste
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    Have fun with removing Mode2Form2 garbage from your files, then. Hybrid is not designed to handle them.

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  4. Try

    VCDGear is a program designed to allow a user to extract MPEG streams from CD images, convert VCD files to MPEG, correct MPEG errors, and more -- all in a single step. Initially developed back in late 1997, the program has grown to do various extractions, conversions, and corrections on the fly. Cross-platform support will allow different machines to process and generate output that is compatible between one another.
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