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    Now a day, I change my speaker G560 to Z906.
    Because the Z906 only support the old DTS max 1536k bandwidth & AC3
    So, I use the ffmpeg to change the surround sound to support decode in my Z906.
    Then I want to know DTS & AC3 who is better ?

    ffmpeg change audio to DTS / AC3 code:
    Audio to AC3 : ffmpeg -hwaccel auto -y -i <input> -c:v copy -c:a ac3 -ac 6 -b:a 640k <output>
    Audio to DTS : ffmpeg -hwaccel auto -y -i <input> -strict -2 -c:v copy -c:a dts -ac 6 -b:a 1536k <output>
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  2. Both should be transparent with such bitrates, 640k for AC3 may be sometimes unsupported (Dolby recommend 512k instead 640k). Anyway DTS should be better than AC3 (near to lossless).
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