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  1. Is it possible to stream DVD on Firestick with original DVD structure and launch menu from the VIDEO_TS folder on my laptop? I like the launch menu because I can click on the scenes I want to watch. For instance, I have a concert video with various performers playing various songs, some of which I like but some of which I don't. I can use the launch menu and click on the icons for each song on my pc. If I rip the DVD to mp4s or mkvs, I lose the launch menu, so that isn't a solution. Is there any way to play the DVD directly on my Firestick from my pc or is there any media player software that allows you to play DVDs in their native format on the Firestick? Thanks.
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    If you can get vlc or Kodi on it then you can play a iso. On Android at least the menus etc work just like the desktop app.
    if all else fails read the manual
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  3. I get error msg: "No media files found, please transfer some files to your device or adjust your preferences." Although, I set up a media directory with music video on VLC on my pc. This was working fine before cloning my hard drive. I have reinstalled the latest versions of VLC on my pc and Firestick but no help. Same problem with Kodi. BTW, Emby and Plex work OK playing media from my pc on my Firestick. Any ideas would be appeciated. Thanks.
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