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  1. Are there any CCD video cameras or camcorders that produce either clear SD or any HD footage? I was playing with my old 3CCD DV camcorder and i found the lack of cmos weaving (due to rolling shutter), as well as general look of it very pleasing,

    so I'm wondering if there are any cameras that do not utilise DV or any other videotape format that have that sensor type. Ones that are for European market if possible. They don't have to be camcorders either, only able to record videos in appropriate quality
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  2. All consumer-grade Sony and Canon HD camcorders use CMOS sensor (unless you consider the HVR-Z1 or the XH-A1 consumer-grade). All Panasonic camcorders before the HDC-SD100/HS100 are CCD-based. JVC... not sure when they switched to CMOS, but the GZ-HD7 uses CCD. Also check point-and-shoot still cameras. The cutoff time is sometime mid-2000s.

    Examples: HDC-SD9, Canon A1200.
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  3. I see, thank you. I like the video outputs of these cameras. I will look more into them
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    The 3-CCD chip ones were better and expensive, Single CCD suffered from color rainbowing, Forgot the exact technical name.
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