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  1. ---Select both video and audio (CTRL + click on event) and press "U", that will un-group those events, Not importing demuxed videos!, if wanting events to group again, select them and press "G". You can easily create slight custom delays if needed etc. How can you edit videos not using this basic feature? It is not possible. Regular engineering approach would be googling how to separate video event from audio event etc., using vegas terminology (by reading manuals) and you'd get response, 1 minute , done.

    ---To be frame accurate, precise, use markers!!! That is why they are there for. Press "M" and you will create a Marker on current cursor position. Do whatever you want and returning exactly on that position just click on that marker "flag". Delete it , if not needing it anymore. You can create more of them, delete them, create them again, pretty standard while editing.

    Take a brake and invest by watching Vegas tutorials for a while.
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  2. Thanks for the ungroup tip, that will come in handy.

    I've not demuxed to work around this, I've imported the same video twice, and deleted tracks, as a workaround method to ungroup. It seems grouping by default is a poor choice. From my view, anyways.

    The reason for demuxing is in other cases that call for it. In this case, for some reason, the dvd source I was pulling in, played back in the preview the audio and video in sync, but rendered the audio shifted to noticeably earlier. Since there was something clearly wrong with the ripped source, I tried demuxing - in the past I've observed weird glitches come from sources that demuxing fixed. But as I stated earlier, I"ve also had demuxing bring in other glitches, so now instead of defaulting to demuxing to avoid those glitches, I only do so when I find a need to due to a glitch. In this case, the demuxing did the trick, my new render of the project just finished, and the portion is now in sync.

    Really don't care where the finger pointing of blame should go - to me the bottom line is, Vegas regularly previews one thing, and renders another. That's poor programming. Hiding behind the excuse of, those sources weren't meant for that, is a pretty lame excuse to go to for a software previewing one thing, and rendering another.
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  3. Do your project settings match your render settings?
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  4. As far as I know. Framerate, aspect ratio, and samplerate I keep consistent.
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  5. To ungroup video and audio upon import would be pretty stupid. I can imagine that array of folks complaining everywhere that audio and video somehow ended up out of sync and why.

    What demuxed audio glitches are those? Are you importing wav? I can imagine having problems editing AC3 within a container, vegas conforms audio but anyway, who edits raw DVD's? But what problems would you have importing wav? DgIndex would make it for you, perhaps correct delay etc, but not working with DVD's so not tested, just knowing that wav is the audio format to work with.
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  6. I avoid ac3. Times I've used it don't come to mind - but if I were I'd probably convert it to wav first and tweak levels and such.

    In this case, the DVD was an ebay purchase, and I don't think it was official - so perhaps some funky authoring resulted in an audio track that glitched. Demuxing fixed the glitching. It was a PCM soundtrack. Otherwise I would have used a CD.

    When dealing with DVDs, I check if it has a PCM audio track, and if it does, I use it. If not - I find another audio source - I'm dealing with music videos, so the song can be flown in from elsewhere.

    If I have a video with a less than ideal audio source (ac3, or a youtube download), my process is to find a CD source, check if it needs to be edited to match the music video (some music videos have edits to the song), check if portions have sound effects that I'll need to fly in the youtube version, if I need to make an edit I typically do that in Audition.

    Once I have my edit, I'll bring up my original source audio that syncs to the video, and my better audio source edit in sound forge, find a point at the beginning and end that can be precisely marked - a drum hit or something like that, get the time between points in the synced source, highlight between the points in my better source and bring up pitch shift, determine the amount of pitching to get the same amount of time, ctrl-a, apply, save. Then I use r8brain pro to resample to 48k. Boom - superior audio source to sync to my youtube download.

    But that's not where I get glitches.

    I guess I get glitches because I'm dealing with video sources that typically aren't used for editing. But I still say preview and renders should match, and it's frustrating that I can make Vegas not match the preview and render.

    Anyways - my latest render is looking a-ok. It will take time to upload.

    Here's an example of the type of thing I'm doing - this one was done a few years ago before I built my current VHS capture workflow, so the portions that use the original VHS capture do not represent my current VHS capturing quality, I've since done a new capture of the tape. I may redo these episodes at some point, but I need to finish ones I haven't done before I start redoing old projects.
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  7. I haven't seen that Eurythmics video. They wrote a complete soundtrack to 1984 movie only for it to be replaced by a more traditional symphonic orchestra track. Oh, well.

    I would prefer if you removed ads.
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  8. If you download the huge .mkv file, it includes chapters to make skipping the ads easier. For me, the ads are part of it - it's a time period piece.
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  9. Ads are evil, period. But you're the uploader, so it is up to you. The online version has blended fields, but I guess it is because the Archive does not support 60p. Maybe I'll download it, some nice MVs there, thanks.
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  10. Here's one of my more recent ones. I'm open to suggestions if anyone sees things that need improvement.
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  11. And here's the most recent project that finally rendered correctly last night.
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    Importing a DVD

    Copy the entire DVD file structure to a folder on your hard drive. In Vegas go to the video_TS folder. Drag VTS_01_0.IFO to your timeline. Entire DVD is imported.
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