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    Hi, I have tried to capture an old VHS tape from 1989 and im not entirely sure about the final results. At first I did transfers in places that "specialize" in transfering VHS in Warsaw in Poland but the results were far from being good enough for me. Only two transfers seemed fine but still lacked in some areas for me. I've looked at many guides and threads on digitalfaq and here as well. In the end i decided to try to do it by myself and i got 3 different VCRs (i had a crappy samsung combo from 2005) and tried to make the best capture i can with the gear i got. My capture chain is now VCR (Edit mode)- DMR-ES10 - Hauppauge USB Live 2 - AmarecTV/Virtualdub 1.9.11 - HuffYUV AVI. I'm using my old pc from 2008 with Windows 7/Windows XP. Now i have JVCs (PAL) HR-J668, HR-J658, HR-S7500. I like the final result the most from hr-j668. JVC HR-S7500 isnt tracking this tape as good as hr-j668 and generally the tape doesn't play good on all vcrs now (it's one and only original tape shared with family and watched many times by myself as a kid ). I know the VCR with TBC and 3DNR would give the best results, but being in college, i can't afford better equipment that is pretty rare here. I'd like someone to rate these captures. Are they any good? On which one should i base my further restorations? Can someone suggest what filters should i use in Hybrid Selur or avisynth? I'm attaching three samples below from two transfer services and one from mine hr-j668. The first transfer was captured without compression with Intensity Pro 4K (read it isn't really good for analog sources) and probably with normal VCR. The second one was transferred with S-VHS JVC VCR and Canopus (all details i know), and the third is mine hr-j668 described above. The rest are captures i got from other transfer service places that didn't tell me what hardware they used. Audio for me seems to sound the best from "other2" sample.
    It's clear you've put a lot of effort into capturing and restoring your old VHS tape. While you've tried various methods and equipment, your personal capture using the JVC HR-J668 seems to yield the results you're most satisfied with. Despite the limitations you mentioned, like not having access to higher-end equipment, your captures appear to have been successful considering the circumstances. It's important to base your further restorations on the captures that meet your own standards of quality, which in this case appears to be from the JVC HR-J668. By the way I could recommend this source because here you can find essay writers for hire, this is a very convenient option, because instead of spending time on homework, you can work and not be a poor student, I seem to have found the way to success)
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