Hi, I have a Digital 8 camcorder - Sony DCR-TR7000 which I've been using for some captures. Recently got use of a Hauppage USB-live card which I had connected via S-video to camcorder. During installation the USB forced a reboot but the camcorder was off during this time.

Camcorder now won't power on. Is there a chance the USB fried something? It was only an S-video connection and camera was off so I can't understand that.

The batteries are knackered but was able to power up the device with the battery in, as long as the power lead was connected. Now when power lead is connected I don't get any beep on switching on, but if battery only is in place there is still the typical switch-on, or deck-open beeps but nothing beyond that. I've checked power adapter and it is fine with the expected 8.4V.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose further or does it sound like it's for the trash?