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  1. Hello,

    another topic on fixing VHS sound. I have some tapes with crystal clear sound, and then some other tapes with noise in the background, high pitch or even clicking. It seems it is embedded into tape and I have no idea if there is a way to remove it, please. I have some video editing skills but when it comes to audio, im totally clueless..
    im posting two samples:
    - first one is tv to dvd recording - as it was live tv, it can no longer be re-recorded. It has high pitch, not sure if this is fixable
    - second one is background noise... i tried some apps like goldwave, but the results were horrible, it was impossible to remove noise without making the track sound as if it was underwater... any ideas?

    thanks a lot for any help
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  2. I had good results scrubbing this kind of noise out with Cyberlink Audio Director. I'm sure there's a way to do the same in the freeware Audacity if you extract the audio stream first.
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    If you want to demonstrate an issue like this, best not to upload a low bitrate mp3,
    the high compresson only adds or disguises the problem
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