Earlier in the year, i was using MPC-BE and madVR to play movies on my PC, that at the time had an RTX 3080 TI, setting it all up was painless and it worked perfectly.
A few weeks ago, an opportunity raised for me to upgrade from the 3080 TI to an RX 7900 XTX, so i jumped on it, first i only removed the Nvidia drivers with DDU and installed the new Radeon drivers, i tested the MPC + madVR and it was sorta working, it passed through the HDR signal to my display (a TCL C825 TV), but the colors looked wrong, but i let it slide for a bit, i wasn't planning on watching movies for a few days, and then i decided to do a clean install of Windows 11, just for peace of mind sake and to also enjoy a blank slate and install everything cleanly again.
Well, after reinstalling Windows, MPC-BE and madVR, HDR passthrough with madVR stopped working altogether, i'm not an expert, but it seems like nothing i changed on the madVR configs made any difference whatsoever as well, i seeked some help online, looking at previous posts on Reddit, some seem to blame Windows 11 not being a good pairing with madVR, but i have to disagree, since i was using madVR with W11 without any issues before, i also made a post on r/htpc but the only response was, again, blaming Windows 11.
Then i decided to try MPC Video Renderer instead, and that one worked right out of the bat, no setting up needed, i also tried Kodi with its stock video renderer, and that one seemed to work just right as well.
So my question is, do i need madVR, and if i do, how can i make it work in my setup?
Its not an apples to apples comparison, since i no longer have a hardware running madVR, but watching the movies i had watched previously with madVR, thorugh MPC Video Renderer this time, i don't seem to notice that much a difference, but i could also be wrong, since every guide i read seems to favor using madVR over other renderers.
What do you guys think?