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  1. Hello everyone.
    I have added a new audio dvd (Spanish) to the 2 that I already had (Italian and Japanese).
    I have also added a button for the new audio in the menu.
    When I play the dvd, and select the new audio, it doesn't play and the Italian audio skips.

    I leave these images so you can see that the audio and the button are added.


    the navigation prompts for the buttons are:
    Spanish(add)---- (SetSTN) Set Audio Stream=2;Link PGCN PGC3
    Italian ------ Set gprm(4)=(MOV)1;Link PGCN PGC3
    Japanese ------ Set gprm(4)=(MOV)2;Link PGCN PGC3

    Where could I have gone wrong?
    All the best
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  2. First, have you modified the "audio track to stream map" to include the new audio stream ? Double-click the PGC with the movie to open the PGC Editor. In the editor, you should see the two original streams. It yours is missing, add it in the third position (#2, and use normally the stream value 0x82 if the audio track has been added correctly after the two original tracks). Check the DVD, but it's probably not sufficient.

    IMO, you should use this button command for the Spanish track:
    Set gprm(4)=(MOV)3;Link PGCN PGC3
    Then, check the DVD. With some (much?) luck, that may work immediately.

    If that doesn't work, try to follow the navigation (with the PgcEdit Trace feature). You should begin with PGC 3, where the button command links. Continue to trace and see where the gprm(4) is used. It's probably in a PGC where gprm(4) is tested, and according to its value, the right SetSTN command is issued, or, possibly, another gprm, perhaps gprm(1) is modified with the right audio stream value. You may have to add a new test and a new SetSTN or a new Set gprm command in that PGC.
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  3. Hello r0Iz.
    Thanks for your answer.
    I modified the "audio track to stream map" to include the new audio stream, in the third position with stream value 0x82 .
    I already set gprm(4)=(MOV)3;Link PGCN PGC3, and the original audios (Italian and Japanese) come out fine, but the Spanish button, direction to Italian audio.
    I tried to follow the navigation, and due to my inexperience, the only thing that I have made clear is that the audio is added, but in the gprm, no button has been assigned to it.

    I add images
    [Attachment 72199 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 72200 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 72201 - Click to enlarge]

    I would appreciate if you could tell me the steps to follow to solve it.

    Regards, Lucho
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  4. OK, it seems that you have added button 6. According to the screenshot editor, its command is (probably) correct. But according to the dump of the PGC, its command is Set Audio Stream 2; LinkPGCN 3. Difficult for me tu understand what's wrong with conflicting information. Anyway, it seems that gprm(4) is used to store the audio AND the subtitle stream numbers. It's probably because its value 3 is used to set the subtitle that it doesn't work fore the audio. Unfortunately, I can't help much more without knowing the content of the PGC where gprm(4) is used to store the audio and subtitle stream numbers in gprm(1) and gprm(2) respectively.

    It may be difficult to solve the problem without the whole navigation commands. So, do this:
    - Load the DVD and use Backups -> Create ZIP Backup.
    - When prompted, select Include Images.
    - Send me the ZIP file at pgcedit <at> g mail <dot> com (The email address is encrypted to avoid SPAM. You can find it also near the end of the PgcEdit homepage - link in my signature).

    With the backup, I should be able to understand what must be changed, and I'll try to explain that here.
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  5. I told you to send me a backup, NOT the whole DVD ! It has been a pain for me to download only the IFOs. Anyway, I did it.

    So, IMO, I have found the solution, but verify if it works correctly, especially the audio (of course) but also the subtitles.

    For your new button command, use this:
    [71 04 00 04 00 03 00 03] Set gprm(4) =(mov) 3 ; LinkPGCN PGC 3
    Note that you must link to PGCN 3, not 4 !

    Then, select the next PGC : VTSM 1, LU 1 (en), 3 (dummy)
    Right-click command 2 and select Duplicate.
    Select the new command (now command number 3) and change it to this:
    [71 A0 04 01 00 02 00 03] 3 if ( gprm(4) == 3 ) then { Set gprm(1) =(mov) 2 }

    This should be the content of the modified PGC:
    ********** pre commands:
       1  Set gprm(1) =(mov) 0 
       2  if ( gprm(4) == 2 ) then { Set gprm(1) =(mov) 1 } 
       3  if ( gprm(4) == 3 ) then { Set gprm(1) =(mov) 2 } 
       4  (SetSTN) Set Audio track = gprm(1) 
       5  Set gprm(9) =(mov) 1 
       6  LinkPGCN PGC 2 
    ********** post commands:
    ********** cell commands:
    The new command 3 sets gprm(1) to the audio stream number. It is used later to set the audio stream.

    This simple edit should work, but as I wrote above, be sure to test the DVD carefully. (You can do it with the Trace of PgcEdit, or use a player that can play the IFOs in the folder.)

    Good luck !
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  6. Hello r0lZ.
    Aye can try the solution you indicated to me, and everything is perfect .
    The dvd now works fine.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Regards, Lucho
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