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  1. Having tried out the slow motion setting on this camcorder it only works on the first slot so backup as slot 2 is shut down.
    It would have been more advantage if they had made the remote feature to also make it into on/off wirelessly
    Sony did it on their FDX AX53 model via a third party wireless remote switch
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  2. for anyone who might do their own videos this is my table top rig. The Sirui SLK-200 extn arm extends up another 5" if needed

    from bottom to top

    Moman tripod legs
    Sirui SLK-200 extn arm
    Manfrotto befree handle with wired remote for zoom /start/stop but no on/off switch
    Panasonic HC _X1500
    panasonic HC-X1500 top handle
    Panasonic VW -VMS10 Microphone
    I have added a bluetooth transmitter ( shown below the XLR ports) wired into the camcorder output mike port at the back and the mike into the camcorder input port. Now I can by using a bluetooth headset I can test sound without being tethered to the camcorder from any position.

    To tidy it up a bit more just ordered a 2.5mm male to male 3 pole 7" straight cable to replace the existing curled one
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