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  1. Hello

    i have avermedia c874
    using windows 10 64bit

    i have original dvd instalation of this capture's device

    in windows in device manager i have installed it, show
    "avermedia c874 USB HD Capture(Master)" and
    "avermedia c874 USB HD Capture(Slave)"
    both device's driver
    [Attachment 71360 - Click to enlarge]

    so i use
    totalmedia extreme 2 to capture
    detect capture but don't let me choose the input (composite rgb or s-video)
    only show this

    [Attachment 71359 - Click to enlarge]

    instead an alternative that I came up with
    install windows xp 64bit in a virtual box machine
    so there enable avermedia trough usb conection in virtual box
    the capture work perfect using the same method
    let me choose the input and can grab capture

    [Attachment 71361 - Click to enlarge]

    but i wish have a solution for use in windows 10 and not have to use a virtual machine

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  2. edit: Solved using a usb pci-e card
    maybe the problem is the drivers chipset of motherboard is not compatible with avermedia card
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