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    Hi, i'm trying to use my N100 Alder lake cpu to compress lots of tv shows from bluray Remux to x265 using quicksync. I don't usually use computers because I'm almost never at home, this is my only computer and I don't know much about video compression, just the basics,

    Reading this forum and googling around I found myself using these settings in handbrake, is there anything I could modify to get better results? It's doing around 90-110 fps with these settings. I'm using CQP because if I'm not wrong it's very good in Alder Lake GPUs.

    H.265 10 bits (Intel)

    Constant Quality: 24

    Encoder preset: Quality
    Encoder profile: Auto
    Encoder level: Auto

    Advanced: force-cqp=1:gop-pic-size=121:b-pyramid=1:target-usage=1:cqp-offset-i=2:cqp-offset-p=6:cqp-offset-b=8:gop-ref-dist=16

    I'm getting some macroblocs in dark parts of the screen and the file sizes are all over the place. Sometimes I get around 1.8 GB for a 40 minutes 1080p episode and sometimes it shoots up to 5-6 GB. Is there a way to constrain the maximum bitrate used by CQP compression?

    I know it's better to use some other tools like, but I'm still trying to understand this "world" and I prefer if possible to keep using something I know until I understand what I'm doing. I'll get to trying staxrip in the future.

    Is there anything to modify? I'm not looking for the bestest of the best quality, but I'd like to keep my episodes to around 1.8 GB with two ac3 passthrough streams.

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. You're mixing x265 and Quicksync h.265. x265 is a CPU based h.265 (HEVC) encoder. h.265 QSV is a GPU based h.265 encoder. In Handbrake the former is "H.265 (x265)", the latter "H.265 (Intel QSV)". Which are you using? Also, what Encoder Preset are you using?

    Generally, CPU encoding will give you better quality than GPU encoding -- but take longer to encode. Higher quality (slower) presets will deliver better quality. If you're using h.265 encoding try also 10-bit (if your CPU supports it). That will lead to less posterization in dark areas. And most devices that can play h.265 can also play h.265 10 bit.

    By the way, the only way to limit bitrate when using QP encoding is to use a higher QP. So by definition your would no longer have constant QP encoding.
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