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  1. Is there any video editing software with video comparison capabilities built into it? I am specifically looking for an editing program that will allow me to hopefully transfer a commentary track from one video to an extended version of the same video, and then use the editing features to tidy it up a bit more.

    I have a copy of the software program Video Comparer, which is good, but not exactly helpful in cases such as this, as it only gives comparisons but no editing options. The only Editing program I currently have on my system is Tmpgenc Video Mastering Works, but have previously also had subscription versions of Vegas & After Effects.

    I am aware that there are programs that now have the capabilities of automatic audio sync and various Ai technologies, and since there is software such as Video Comparer there must be something out there that will have similar abilities built into its program.
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    What features do you need to compare?

    Not much in this arena, as what you are looking for is very niche. Best to use something like AVISynth to generate lists of differences in frames, etc

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  3. I have said in my original post what I wish to do, and one way I have thought of since writing this is to use something like Davinci Resolve to transcribe the audio in both versions of the videos, and then use the software to find the segments that are different and contain extra dialogue.
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