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  1. Anyone recommend a decent HDTV for outdoor use> something I could hang in the inside of a canopy. 20 - 27in should be fine.

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    If you don't get any personal recommendations here maybe try AVS Forum. Also read
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  3. Hi usually_quiet - thanks for the response!!

    That article is great! I scanned through it, but I will give it a better read. I have an account with AVS Forum - so yes, maybe I will try there too if there are not as many responses here.

    The article will be helpful - I didn't even think there was much difference between indoor and outdoor TV's. Truthfully, I don't mind bringing the TV in and out as need be.

    One of the main things is how to mount it in a canopy. I actually found some good tent/canopy mounts, but they cost around $200! Seems like a lot of money for a TV mount. I'll have to fish around for some bargains. Maybe I'll start another post on TV mounts.

    Thanks again!
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