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  1. Here's the scenario. Computer in the basement on fiber thruout the house. High end system with RTX 4090 GPU installed. MB is x670e based so has built in GPU as well. Have a KVM for video/keyboard/mouse. Low resolution monitor.

    I want to remote edit content on my second floor on a Asus ProArt monitor. How would I remotely edit content on my other PC with say Premiere Pro running on the basement computer. This is HDR content in some cases by the way. I was thinking of using Moonlight to remote stream but not sure how that would work.

    So I assume I need the computer in the basement to be presenting a 4k monitor? Perhaps need a 4k display emulator dongle? Or do I? I do have an issue which is probably new platform issues, where when I have a monitor plugged into the AMD motherboard displayport connector, and the emulator dongle in the RTX card the low res monitor in the basement is blank. Even though I have the built in one set in the MB as primary. Always goes to the "dongle"

    Was thinking if I do need the emulator, if it makes sense to plug the low res KVM monitor into the displayport connector of the RTX and the dongle in the HDMI port so it thinks there are two monitors? One 4k.
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  2. Years ago i did some consulting work for a company based out of Florida and I was in Boston.

    I used to remote into their video editing workstation using TeamViewer and work on problem videos for them remotely.

    The latency was a killer and the whole thing was a major pain, but it paid well, so...

    In your case latency should not be a problem depending on how your home network is setup, but the overarching question is why not just hook up that fancy monitor to that high end system and call it a day?
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  3. Originally Posted by sophisticles View Post
    Why not just hook up that fancy monitor to that high end system and call it a day?
    Thanks for the reply. Good question. This system is a 2U server build running in a rack mount in my basement. Entire system is water cooled. My desktop PC is a lower end system I use for day to day stuff. Server in the basement is for video editing and encoding. I sometimes encode with the GPU but also frequently with the CPU when I have more time. Even though water cooled, running 8 fans to cool the two radiators in the system. It's not super loud, but also wouldn't want it sitting in rooms that people's bedrooms would hear the fans revving up either. Plus when you use the GPU PSU fans start screaming.
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  4. I assume both systems are running Windows? Are they connected to a switch or directly to the ISP provided router?

    I would first try using Microsoft's Remote Desktop or Chrome Remote Desktop.
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  5. Originally Posted by sophisticles View Post
    I would first try using Microsoft's Remote Desktop or Chrome Remote Desktop.
    That was my original plan however couple issues with that and may be off base:

    1. I think with the computer only plugged into the KVM display it will be limited to 1024x768 no?
    2. Remote Desktop won't help with HDR content however it's my understanding that if you use RDP and then start a hardware based encode with like NVENC and then disconnect from the server it will break the encode session or may not even work due to you being RDP in and using the Microsoft display driver.
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