Is there any good place that still repairs or reconditions old DV / D8 camcorders?

I have in my email a decade old email where after some research I had come up with this one:

And I am liking the sound of this guy I stumbled across on some searching:

Has anyone sent their equipment to either of them or someone else and have a recommendation?

I have a DCR-TR7000 that I stopped using years ago because it ate tapes sometimes. (Usually without warning and far into the video.) But I would like to resurrect it for transferring Hi8 because it has an S Video port. So if I could get someone to tune it up maybe I could use it without worrying.

I feel like this must have been asked before, but I am not finding any posts, sticky posts, FAQs, etc. with this info. Hopefully everyone will be understanding if this is a dumb question.