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  1. Hello!

    I've been searching everywhere for a reliable alternative to BatchMKV which is a batch gui for MakeMKV, that is now abandoned. I wrote this script with the help of ChatGPT and was able to convert my folder with hundreds of VIDEO_TS and ISO files. This is in hope that BatchMKV will one day be fixed. In the meantime it's the best alternative I've got to abandoned projects, fishy apps and broken promises. It may or may not work for you and it does not come with any warranty. At least it's a start, it's open-source and I'm open to suggestions and commits on the GitHub to make it better.

    • VIDEO_TS folders supported
    • ISO files supported
    • Simultaneously remux VIDEO_TS and ISOs
    • Comprehensive logging under ./Logs
    • Progress bar and results
    • Work on SMB share

    *Since this script can't customize which audio and subtitle tracks to remux in the output file you can use MKVcleaver to remove all unwanted tracks

    Help needed!

    I need help to enhance this script. I would like this script to be able to, append the folder name where the VIDEO_TS folder is in, to the output filename. I would also like to add language support where the user would be prompted to choose from a list of language and separate them by comma (ex. all,eng,fre,rus...), both for the audio track and the subtitle track. Reading throught the makemkvcon documentation, I feel like it's not possible yet. I wonder if I could do this with mkvtoolnix as a second pass after the remux. Contact me if you would like to help!

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