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  1. I recently bought an HDC-SD9 camcorder online. I tried using a 64GB Kingston SD card on it but it doesn't seem to work. The camcorder shows a message saying "check card" along with a symbol signifying that the card has not been read. I tried formatting the card in the camcorder however it would not let me and displayed an error message "unable to format".

    Could this be an issue with the size of the SD card? I've checked online and it seems like older models cant handle this much GB. if so, then how many GB SD cards should i use? Im pretty new to this entire aspect as this is the first camera ive ever owned. Any tips would be appreciated!

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  2. Sdxc ?

    32 GB SDHC works fine.
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  3. Having looked it up it seems as if it can only take an 8GB card which should give 1hr of recording as that is what it came with new, but you can check for yourself online
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    Google is your friend; page 18 (this is for the D model):
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  5. Originally Posted by Alwyn View Post
    Google is your friend; page 18 (this is for the D model):
    Google? Maybe. Operating manual? Not so much. It does not list newer cards because - duh! - it is a 2008 model, and the manual has not been updated since. Also, it lists Panasonic's own cards, which were expensive back then, and unobtainable now.

    As I said above, pretty much any SDHC card up to and including 32 GB works just fine. Class 2, 4, 6, 10, U1 or U3. I think higher capacities are SDXC only. SDXC cards are not supported.
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