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  1. I have a DVR-550H. HD works great and the DVD seems to burn without an issue. The only thing is the DVD is very finicky on what DVDs it will play. I see several posts on this units laser getting weak over time burning DVDs but mine does not seem to have this issue. I have taken apart the DVD and blew out the dust in the lens. Is my problem the laser pickup or is it just out of adjustment?
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  2. You should use a cleaning CD. Most of the times there is dust or a fine film on the laser lens that causes these problems. Buy a cleaning CD since CDs are the easiest to read-in vs. cleaning DVDs. Or - if you can access the laser lens - use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean it.

    For writing the laser uses its full power. For reading something like 10% of it at that might be too less when the lens is polluted.
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  3. I performed surgery on the DVR a couple years ago getting it to where I could access the laser. It was quite a lot of work to get to it. I did use a cotton swab and alcohol. I will have to pick up a CD cleaner.
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  4. I put a bit of alcohol on the little bristles of the CD lens cleaner using a cotton swab just before loading. Don't know if it actually helps, it something I do.
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  5. The CD lens cleaners are pretty much all the same, a CD with bristles. Any brand would do. Your link is at a good price.
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