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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I have an "issue" with my Canon VIXIA HF-S10 camcorder. The HF-S10 officially does NOT accept Class 10 SD cards, only up to Class 4. They used to offer a firmware update, but at least here in Europe, they don't anymore. Besides, the Canon Dude just told me it would have been 100 bucks! Are they nuts? Anyhow. Is there a way to do this on my own???


    EDIT: I found an 11-year-old YT video and the guy was saying that you have to pay for shipping to Canon, but Canon will do the update for free and ship it back for free. I guess I should've done this a long time ago, ha ha.
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  2. EDIT: I found the SD card I have been using before (for years actually) and to my surprise, it says Class 10 on it??? It turns out that the Camera DOES support Class 10 but only in XP+ (12 Mbps), SP (7 Mbps) and LP (5 Mbps) modes! Not in FXP (17 Mbps) and MXP (24 Mbps)!

    I had tried XP+, SP and LP before, but the card was 128GB and the max is also 32GB.

    I would still like to use the full potential of the camera, so if anyone knows how to flash the Firmware at home (the one only a tech is supposed to be able to do), let me know.

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  3. 64GB Class 4 SD cards are less than $10 US. Wouldn't getting one or two of those be a simpler solution?
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  4. Originally Posted by smrpix View Post
    64GB Class 4 SD cards are less than $10 US. Wouldn't getting one or two of those be a simpler solution?
    Well, "simpler" is relative. 99% of the time I had to flash a firmware, I had zero issues. So, IF someone has the firmware and tool for me to flash my camcorder, I will consider that pretty simple. Also, if Canon Europe would still offer the firmware update for free, and all I had to pay for is shipping it to them, I would call that pretty simple as well. But it looks like no one is going to have the firmware and Canon Europe is not doing it anymore, so yes, at this point, buying the Class 4 cards seems not to be the "simpler" option, but rather the only option.


    P.S. I asked ChatGPT to rewrite my post and here is the result:

    "Simplicity" is subjective, but in my experience, flashing firmware has been trouble-free in 99% of cases. Therefore, if someone can provide me with the necessary firmware and tools to flash my camcorder, I would consider the process to be quite straightforward. Additionally, if Canon Europe still offered the firmware update for free and I only had to cover the shipping costs, I would also consider that to be a simple solution. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that anyone will have the firmware I need, and Canon Europe no longer provides the update. Consequently, purchasing the Class 4 cards appears to be not just the simpler option, but the only option available at this point.

    Thank you.
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