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  1. close ,thanks
    Last edited by aletaladro; 14th May 2023 at 20:44.
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  3. Originally Posted by midi23 View Post
    Last edited by aletaladro; 14th May 2023 at 17:55.
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  4. Was looking at this post, went away and now returned only to find that the OP deleted it's contents.

    OP wanted the keys to this site

    Never understand the mentality of these posters who, after receiving help, give thanks by deleting the post.

    This is a very interesting site with lots of learning opportunities.
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  5. yes jack, you're right

    this guy send me 2 PM (same PM) to ask the same stuff

    Unfortunately i saw only after my reply this thread

    Some people don't really know how to be in the world. Poor world
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  6. Search, Learn, Download! Karoolus's Avatar
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    well this is counterproductive...
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