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  1. I updated my ffmpeg-build-script with more codecs (uses API calls to get the latest versions available)

    I have the code up and running for Ubuntu 22.04.

    It seems to work great when running ffmpeg. I use hardware acceleration (I know it is not as good as software) but the speed I'm getting converting 4K video using medium presets is about 110 fps. Woo!

    I thought some of you might like to try it out. The script will prompt you to install system-wide at the end of the build so you have the choice to keep the binary files in the prefix directory if that is where you want them to stay.

    Check out my list of supported codecs below!
    Supported codec list

    Install command:
    bash <(curl -sSL --build --enable-gpl-and-non-free --latest
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