Hello all,

Iíve been lurking the forums for a bit now absorbing a bit of knowledge and as a result have picked up plenty of decent quality blank DVDs and CDs such as Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim Azo, etc. thanks to the users of these forums.
More recently, Iíve turned my attention to BD-R and came across these discs from Amazon Japan:


The price seems decent and they do ship to the US which is where Iím at. I couldnít find much info on these Verbatims here on the forum so I was wondering if thereís a consensus on whether these are good quality BD-R discs?

I wanna make sure these arenít LTH or that they arenít the ďlife seriesĒ crap equivalents for BD-R lol.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.