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  1. Hello!

    Let me explain the situation / what I do right now: I create a avisynth script appending many videos to each other and open it in virtualdub(2). Then I can edit & save it as a .vdproject file and watch it in virtualdub like a 'real' video.

    So, is there a way to play the project in a better player than virtualdub? Probably not, but a completly different solution than the avisynth / virtualdub way would be fine, too. I mean creating 'non existing' video edits from multiple files without actually encoding it.

    Thanks and please excuse my english!
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    If you weren't EDITING it, you could simply create a playlist in those many apps that support playlists (e.g. WMP, VLC...).

    If you edit (like you said you were doing), you either need to do it the way you are doing it in Vdub/VD2 or use a similar process in an editor/NLE that supports AVISynth feeds and save/edit/use the EDL/session list.
    Or just append your videos directly in VD/VD2 (or an NLE).

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  3. Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    Or just append your videos directly in VD/VD2 (or an NLE).

    I don't see how that helps. Do you mean by using Vdub's frameserver? It doesn't work. Can't open the stream in VLC for example.
    (I guess my Vdub framserver works. I can open it in another instance of Vdub)
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  4. That NLE mentioned by Cornucopia is really what you are looking for. Not sure about VD, how good it is, but Video editors have previewers, like Magix Vegas, you edit your video, line up clips,you make sure your previewer is set to full resolution, put it on fullscreen and play your project. Save project, open it again, play it.
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  5. What kind of "edits" are you doing ? What sorts of operations are you doing in vdub ?

    MPCHC can playback avs scripts

    If you need vdub for some filters or operations that are not possible in avisynth, an avs script could be used to open the vdub frameserver signpost, then mpchc as the player
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  6. Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post
    MPCHC can playback avs scripts
    Thats kind of the solution. Thanks! Instead of creating a .vdproject I just have to use vdub2's script editor to create a new .avs instead.
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