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  1. Just curious. Is there a functional difference between the two versions of BDEdit.

    I ask because if you edit IG buttons, there is an option to save the existing colour palette, but the button to import a palette is greyed out, even when ticking the appropriate checkbox. I'm wondering if this is a format/file issue, or function limitation.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    The last free version is 0.39. Many sites have 0.40 listed, but it is really version 0.39 that downloads.

    The BDEdit site has a changelog listed. You can the read what has changed between 0.39 and 0.55. It looks like the most significant change is support for 4k UHD.

    I can't answer your IG buttons question.
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  3. Thanks... It does appear that the ability to import colour palettes (PS .act) was introduced in version 0.40. As you say though, the 0.40 I downloaded on VideoHelp is actually 0.39. Didn,t realise that. At least I now know the 0.55 version includes this option.
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