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  1. Hello,

    I'd like to make a DVD-A of some hi bit rate (24) .wav files. I have tried to use DVD-Author Gui which fails with a cryptic message that I cannot seem resolve:

    "DVD authoring failed" I'm using Win10 and I know this program is pretty old and unsupported.

    If someone knows the file structure I need I could attempt to create an ISO and burn it. Or, better still recommend a program that might support DVD-A creation.


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    Minnetonka's discWelder family of apps are AFAIK the only good, reliable way to author DVD-Audio discs, other than the $$$ pro Scenarist method using the DVD-Audio upgrade (if either are even available anymore).

    <edit> better and easier just to make an audio-centric Bluray, also known as pure-audio bluedisc, IIRC.

    <edit2> I forgot about this. Don't know how well it works/compatibility-wise, but this might suit you, since it is open source.

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  3. Thanks for your post, Scott! I wasn't aware of Discwelder so I will check it out.

    In the meantime, as I do own DVD Architect Pro which allows for PCM at 24 bits/96khz audio, made a simple DVD with only a basic menu and it plays and sounds great in all my DVD players, not just the compliant DVD-A players. Maybe this is all I need to do for my purpose.

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