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  1. I have some commercial DVDs that I want to add subtitles to and put on one disc.

    I have created a DOS script that uses ffmpeg to pillarbox the DVD's VOB files and make 720x480 files with a SAR of 1:1.

    The result is just what I want: the original 640x480 video pillarboxed in a 720x480 frame with ac3 audio -- perfect to feed to MultiAVCHD.

    The problem I have is the result I get from MultiAVCHD has the video and audio synced at the outset, but the audio gets more out of sync the farther into the video.

    The videos produced from my script play fine with VLC, MPC-HD, and Windows Media Player -- no sync issues at all.

    I do notice in the MultiAVCHD log file in the tsMuxeR section that the fps of the audio file is absent. Is it possible that tsMuxeR is assuming that the audio is also 29.970 fps? Doesn't seem likely as the m2ts result shows the proper audio fps but I dunno...

    The DVD source is 29.970 fps mpg video, 31.250 fps ac3 audio (DVD_SOURCE.mediaInfo.txt)
    The output from my script is 29.970 fps AVC video, 31.250 fps ac3 audio (Title.mediaInfo.txt)
    The m2ts file from MultiAVCHD is (no frame rate specified) BDAV video, 31.250 fps ac3 audio (MultiAVCHD.mediaInfo.txt)
    The script (C_example.bat inside C_example.7z)
    The MultiAVCHD log (multiAVCHD.log)
    Image Attached Files
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