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  1. Because Bluray has fixed width*height resolutions (and thus aspect ratios), lots of 4:3 (old movies and TV) and 64:27 (widescreen movies) were issued on Bluray (and HDTV) with vertical (for 4:3) or horizontal (for theatrical widescreen) black bars. Yes, many people who rip from those sources remove those black boxes, but there's still plenty of files out there with black bars, and the BIG problem these days is the proliferation of aspect ratios on computers. They're starting to sell widescreen "21:9" (actually 64x27) and "32:9" (if that's what it really is), while laptops are shifting to 16:10, 3:2, or 4:3, so the consequences of the "baked-in" bars is getting more and more pronounced.

    The seemingly OBVIOUS solution, then, is simply to have smarter video players that auto-detect the bars (or at least look for the standard vertical or horizontal bars associated with showing widescreen or 4:3 content on a baked-in 16:9 frame). But offhand I don't know of any that do this. Are there some players that do?
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  2. The better players let you zoom in for that. I don't know of any that do it automatically.
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