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    I have made a compilation of my favorite CDs. After several attempts, I finally select acceptable encodings for the available players and DLNA:

    DURATION=$(ffmpeg -i input.wav 2>&1 | grep "Duration" | cut -d ' ' -f4 | sed s/,//)
    ffmpeg -loop 1 -i input.png -target pal-dvd -qscale:v 24 -pix_fmt yuv420p -g 100 -an -y -t $DURATION -hide_banner input.m2v
    mencoder input.m2v -audiofile input.wav -oac copy -ovc lavc -o otput.mpg

    Now I'm going to make a DVD-VIDEO with menus. I use DVDStyler. The problem is a DVD 5 times in size. So, I'm trying to replace the created VOB files with the corresponding MPG files - I was hoping NERO would repair the IFO files. But NERO throws the following message:

    DVD-Video Files Reallocation Started
    File Size is not a multiple of logical block size (2KB)
    DVD-Video Files Reallocation Failed
    The resulting DVD may not be playable

    Is there a way to encode my set so I could replace each VOB with a corresponding MPG after DVD authoring?
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    Replacing the VOB files with mpg files won't work. The DVD spec requires VOB files. Even if you changed the extension on an mpg file to VOB, the file structure is not the same as an actual VOB file. If you want to author a DVD-Video disc using the audio you have, you can try reducing the size of your m2v source files or you can put fewer titles on the DVD.

    There is also a DVD format called "DVD-Audio" created specifically for high-quality audio but this format never became as popular as DVD-Video discs. There are not as many options for authoring them or playing them as exist for DVD Video discs. I have never personally authored any nor do I own any.
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    Standard mpeg program streams (container), that you are attempting with mencoder, do not support LPCM audio. Only true VOB files created with an authoring/dvd muxing app.

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