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  1. I compiled a dvd. A simple menu where there are links:
    - play
    - chapters
    - audio
    - subtitles

    The dvd works perfectly on PC and Mac. Both the burned dvd and the folder format dvd. I have used both VLC (on PC and on Mac) and the virtual player on a Mac. Everything works perfectly. I am able to turn subtitles on and off via meni and enable either 2.0 or 5.1 track.

    The problems come when I put the burned dvd inside two different players. An LG bluray and a Panasonic portable DVD player.

    On the LG bluray player on the subtitles the spaces between each line are not respected. As if in editing the subtitles inside Architect I put them all next to each other without leaving a space.

    On the Panasonic portable player, on the other hand, the subtitles are correctly separated, but I cannot activate them through the menu I created (and thus the links made in Architect).

    I'm getting dumb. What kind of problems could there be? If it were a DVD construction problem I should see the same things on PC and instead this does not happen.

    Can you help me with this? Has anyone had the same thing happen I am desperate!
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