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  1. I have Win10 and Any Video Convertor Free.

    I have a DVD Movie I got and I have it as .mkv Format on my Hard Drive.

    I put it into my Any Video Convertor to convert it to MPEG2 Format.

    I did not see any Setting for Variable Bit Rate or CBR.

    So I pick 512 from the Bit Rate drop down list.

    Then I keep Frame Size and everything as is.

    I put the converted Video through MediaInfo and it says.

    Overall Bit Rate Mode is Variable.
    Overall Bit Rate is 646 kb/s.
    Maximum is 512 kb/s.

    So id the Maximum is 512 kb/s I would say this is because I picked this and this is as High as it can go.

    So what is this Overall Bit Rate is 646 kb/s?

    I uploaded the Text File so you can see it and tell me how to Read it?

    PS how can I use any Video Convertor and switch it to CBR?
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  2. Originally Posted by biferi View Post
    So what is this Overall Bit Rate is 646 kb/s?
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    1. "Dvd video" + "mkv format"+ "into mpeg2"... sounds a little dubious. Just saying. Dvd video should already BE in MPEG2 format, even when encapsulated in mkv.
    2. Any Video converter is NOT one of the better converters or encoders (esp. mpeg2)
    3. It doesn't matter WHAT mpeg2 encoder you use, 512kbps for video is going to look like CRAP! Even not using SD D1 but 1/2 D1 or even 1/4 D1 resolution! Don't forget, SVCD uses 1/2 D1 mpeg2 and even at the max possible bitrate of ~2.5Mbps the artifacts are still very noticeable. 1/5 of that bitrate will not look good for any material except perhaps still picture slideshows.
    4. You do NOT need to use VBR at this rate, you need to use vbr when you need to maximize your capacity. You aren't even close to having that issue.
    5. If AVC cannot do more than 512 and wont let you change between vbr and cbr, it is OFFICIALLY a BAD mpeg2 encoder, nd you should not use it if you value the quality of your material.

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    The op asked this same question last december,doesn't seem like he learns.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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  5. I can pick Higher Bit Rates.

    I wanted to know how do I select CBR in Any Video Convertor?
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  6. Is there a Free Video File Convertor that will let me Select CBR with my File Format that I want to Convert?
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  7. Why do you want CBR? VBR always gives better quality at the same file size. The only reason to use CBR is if you have a device that can't handle VBR.

    The old TMPGEnc free version supports CBR MPEG 1. Try the VCD preset. HcGUI (HCEnc) doesn't really support CBR but you can set average and max bitrate to the same value to come close to CBR.
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  8. Is TMPGEnc a convertor program?
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