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  1. I love the "camcorder" form factor for the kinds of videos that I shoot. I have a 1080p Panasonic camcorder that I have used for 9 years and I would love to upgrade to 4K.
    I have looked at and compared three in my price range. (Panasonic HC-VX981 vs. Canon Vixia HF G50 vs. Sony AX53 4K Camcorder)

    It seems like they are all basically alike besides the brand/user interface.

    Is there any of these three that stand out above the rest?
    Which one of these would be the best choice?

    Thank you!
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  2. Indeed the specs are very similar but the Panasonic doesnŽt have an actual viewfinder, thatŽd be a kind of dealbreaker for me since I like to use it when recording outdoors in bright sunny days. The Canon and Sony both offer good recording options and have good optics. IŽd take a look at some youtube reviews, the better ones will give you a good idea of the cameras pros and cons as well as provide samples of the actual performance that you can expect. IŽd also lean towards the one with most (and easier to reach) manual controls. IŽd also check the prices for accesories like extra batteries and filters.
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  3. avoid the sony AX53 like the plague. you have very little individual control such as if you set the shutter speed or any other setting everything else alters as well
    I used to have a panasonic HC-x900m for about the same length of time ,ie 9 yrs .

    like you went for the sony ax53 biggest mistake I ever made so got rid of it very quickly the image stabliser is all hype and not the best by far. I strong urge you to look at the panasonic HC-X1500, may be a little bit more but boy oh boy what a bit of kit. you will regret not getting it

    mine with additional handle

    It does everything bar make a cup of tea. This is what I went for and it is truly amazing and I have no association with Panasonic apart from as a buyer.
    It record in 6 different scenes - mov-mp4 or avchd formats each so many settings you can't even count and that is not even half of it. Have to be honest and say it did take some time to get to know it and I am still finding out more.

    I took it on holiday last year to Norway Fareo isle and Iceland when on a cruise. In all honest on say trips out other people kept asking about it and when I showed them the footage some decided there and then to get it as soon as they got home.
    to give some idea

    crossing the artic circle on board

    of course recording in 4k you will possibly need a 4k editing suite so have a look at "wondershare filmora 12" 0r "Movavi video editing suit plus 2022"

    this camcorder is a really serious professional bit of kit if your moving up from what you have already
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  4. Originally Posted by iKokomo View Post

    Is there any of these three that stand out above the rest?
    Which one of these would be the best choice?

    Thank you!
    save your money

    none can do 60fps in 4K. The only thing you get is bigger file size, since you still get 4:2:0 8-bit color, no HDR
    the image sensor is still small 1/2.5"
    there's also audio, most don't have LPCM, it's either ac3 or aac which are lossy. Even my old miniDV camcorder did LPCM

    for amateur/home use, stick to current camera or wait until they get cheaper, don't buy anything over $500.
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  5. the panasonic hc-x1500 that I have does 60fps in 4K- does HDR- does have LPCM in MOV and AAc in MP4-4.2:2 (10 bit in MOV) and 4:2:0 8bit in MP4.

    check out the spec

    as I said previously when you check out the spec it makes "consumer" type camcorders pathetic in what they offer.
    Here in the UK they cost around Ł1400 new as a guide

    I now mainly use an Azden SMX-30V microphone with it for several reasons. to start with you can go from stereo to directional sound via a dial (used in my videos above) it can be powered from AA batteries or from the camcorder one, decibel and flat setting and a detachable audio cable , and cheaper than other well known makes

    I was the only one in the tour group to video these they were so far out to sea (no sound). it kept focus remarkedly well seeing the conditions /distance it was recording at and getting this close up as well
    Hand held
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  6. Originally Posted by realspeed View Post
    I strong urge you to look at the panasonic HC-X1500, may be a little bit more but boy oh boy what a bit of kit. you will regret not getting it
    I keep hoping the hc-x1500 will come down in price and am still waiting for a "sale". Are there any other similar options available now, or is the x1500 still the recommendation?
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  7. I did look at other makes obviously but rejected most for one reason or another. there is one particular thing I like about this camcorder, although a minor thing,is when you close the screen the camera turns off and back on when opened backup . This means no switching on/off via the button, i don't think, may be wrong of course, other makes do this. The zoom also is exceptional added with that microphone for sound

    just a quick mention.

    I wanted to video Puffins while in Iceland ,this video below the puffins were so far out at see I was the only one in the group who managed to get shots/ videos of them. many were amazed whenI showed this and another video they said they were going to get this camcorder when they got home. THEY WERE JUST DOTS IN THE DISTANCE. Needless to say I was overjoyed to get this

    as seen with the naked eye View full screen in the middle at the bottom of photo

    [Attachment 70603 - Click to enlarge]

    Now you know why I recommend the Panasonic HX- X1500 a lot of other camcorders can't do this

    is there a downside? yes but common to most with this a size sensor is in a darker room where additional lighting may be needed. I have not had any issues videoing inside. can easily be corrected in PP
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