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    Originally Posted by usually_quiet View Post
    Originally Posted by Bwaak View Post
    English is not my native language either.
    Originally Posted by plehoediv View Post
    Originally Posted by usually_quiet View Post
    If you had looked it up, you would find have found "natural language" means meant how most people normally speak -- using imperfect grammar, poorly constructed sentences, slang, and words/definitions restricted to certain regions.
    Nothing drives me nuts more than "natural language". Its It's infuriating hearing people say "was" instead of "were". Or "Watch what he do" instead of "does". And no one seems to care about it. English is not my native language, but I try my best to use proper grammar and stuff like that.

    You are partly right. It is true that I should have used the conditional past tense "would have found".

    However, using the past tense, "meant", implies that either the definition I gave for "natural language" has changed or that the term "natural language" itself is obsolete. Using "means" indicates that the definition I gave and the term "natural language" are still current.

    I cannot find a proper rule for it, but here are a couple of links supporting my point: and

    He thought that the answer was correct.

    Same for would have thought.

    He would have thought that the answer was correct.

    I would not use is in either case.
    Sometimes we use past verb forms to refer to things which were true or which happened in the past, even when they are still true now:

    That woman at the party last night was German.
    He went for an interview for the airforce the other day but he didn’t get in because his eyesight wasn’t good enough.
    I am sure that links supporting your point can be easily found as well Actually, the first link suggests that both forms are possible. So, I accept your correction of my correction.
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  2. Just for the record: I know it is "It's" and not Its. I must have not paid any attention when Microsoft Edge tried to tell me that it was wrong, ha ha.
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    Originally Posted by plehoediv View Post
    Originally Posted by El Heggunte View Post
    Originally Posted by _Al_ View Post
    Everything is mixed together in this thread.
    But of course. The name of the topic is
    "When is AI going to make everything else obsolete?"
    And your point is?
    If you have to ask, then you will never know.
    "Programmers are human-shaped machines that transform alcohol into bugs."
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    Originally Posted by usually_quiet View Post
    If you had looked it up, you would find have found
    There's nothing wrong with "would find" here. If X action done in past, Y action in present.

    "Had I not pooped on the floor last night, I would find it smelled better today."

    Originally Posted by plehoediv View Post
    Without wanting to bombard the thread with TikTok videos, but you "have" to see this one.
    Nah, first was more interesting.

    How does that teen filter handle hair? Because my mane isn't teen for sure (ye older distinguished colors), not to mentioned my bald friends. Google has no results, so guessing it's not quite that impressive.

    The "teen filter" is mostly about removing lines, so lots of blurring. Not really AI.
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  5. Originally Posted by dellsam34 View Post
    If I ask, when there will be a kitchen appliance that can make chicken salad out of chicken shit, I would be called crazy, and that would be correct. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit, In other words you can't make something that didn't exist in the first place.

    Adding my 2 cents: I have tried pretty much all AI video upscale softwares that are on the market now from AE, DaVinci, AVC, ToolFarm, Runway, Topaz, and simply said - they will not get there.

    The main reason is that all of these softwares are trained on digital videos, not on analog videos. I see these tutorials for upscaling when the company takes 4K video, they downsize it to 360p (naturally at very high bitrate without any compression artifacts) and then they "magically" upscale it back to 4k. And it works. but the main issue is input. If you have SD video it perfect quality, then you can already upscale it to HD with nowadays tools - whether the video is digital or analog.

    However, they dont train these AI softwares on analog videos. When you try to upscale analog video that has compression, interlacing, chroma misalignment, halos, ghosting, artifacts, flickering, etc, AI tool will think it is an actual image and will upscale/enhance all those artifacts as well and you will get hot mess in return.

    AI-wise, i think we could develop tool that would automate all AviSynth+ filters and then upscale, but it would have to be trained purely on analog videos which means thousands of hours of training, code writing and money investing... And no company will spend that much money nowadays. Fireworkz has good restoration softwares and they will soon introduce AI tools too, so they might be the only company who might be actually investing money and developing something to treat analog videos, but besides that, all the AI video companies are focusing on digital videos upscaling. Occasionally, they introduce "deinterlacing" options, but those don't work and it is simply better to interlace video yourself and then upscale final progressive video...
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