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  1. Hello - there is a IPTV live stream at that I want to play on VLC or IINA, instead of using the browser.

    Iíve used Google Developer Tools to extract the m3u8 urls:

    But none of them play when I paste them into VLC or IINA (I also donít understand why there are 4 m3u8 urls when there is only one stream). What am I missing? Thanks!
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  2. DRM protected?
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  3. Originally Posted by Quint View Post
    DRM protected?
    Not sure. How can I check?
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  4. If you try to download the m3u8s by just klicking on one you get a 403. So vlc can't play anything listed inside an m3u8 if it can't access it.
    Maybe the streams are also DRM-protected. You should read, read, read here:
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  5. This site is vey challenging. Non standard m3u8



    Content is worthless but the obfuscation is challenging.

    Observed that the contents of the dev tools network display are erased by the javascript used. It's as if the contents of the display buffer are being nulled.
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