Hi, I'm trying to capture some footage off my JVC GR-DVL160EG Camcorder using a desktop PC running Windows 11 using WinDV or Adobe Premiere built in capture mode using a firewire connection for best quality.

I've purchased this FireWire Card www.amazon.it/dp/B07PHJKSF1, it is detected as ''compatible host controller OHCI 1394 VIA'' in device manager and is running Microsoft driver C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\1394ohcy.sys. dated 21/06/2006. I also tried with the (Legacy) Driver to the same result.

To connect the camera I'm using the cable that came with the card.

With the camera already connected to the PC, when I turn on the camera by moving the mode switch from ''off'' to ''play'' I hear the sound that plays when a device is connected and the camcorder appears in the ''video source'' list in WinDV, but the screen inside the program remains black and if click on ''capture'' I get a generic ''Error: Error'' message; Same thing happens if I hit play on the camera, the tape plays but nothing gets transmitted to the PC.

The camera appears with its correct model under ''image capture devices'' in device manager.

What could be the issue here? I feel like I'm sooo close to getting this going!