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    I've been using Subtitle Edit for ten years now. However, recently, I've been experiencing major increases in the time span SE uses to generate waveform data: whilst, it previously took several seconds to get the waveform, now it takes one to two hours for a one hour and a half video material, 2 to 32GB (this happens irrespective of the size of the video file). This happens for both .mkv and .mp4. I've updated SE, I've updated VLC, I've switched using VLC to FFmpeg to generate the waveform, I've used an earlier version of VLC, nothing worked.

    This has happened once before and it was about an update in Win 11. However, I see no Windows update recently installed which might interfere with the behavior of SE.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hm, I don't know what causes this. On my Win11 laptop it takes about 11 seconds to generate a waveform for a video of 1Ĺ hour using ffmpeg.
    Do use ffmpeg as it works better/faster and handles more formats than vlc.

    - Re-install SE + re-download ffmpeg
    - Re-install dot net framework 4.8:
    - Check if you have enough memory
    - Check your hd (some speed test)
    - Check for malware
    - Check for poor anti-virus software
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