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  1. Hi all.

    I now have multiAVCHD working as I would like. Pretty stable and all functions working.

    My setup includes the LAVFilters instead of ffdshow. However, I did have to disable LAVSplitters and install Haali Splitter
    due to an issue with the chapter preview displaying a grey frame every now and then. Haali solved this.

    One problem I have never been able to solve, regardless off the endless filter splitter combinations I tried, is with motion
    background menus. The output always displays ghosting when there is noticeable movement. I will probably never have
    much movement in the background, but tests suggest background encoding is not working at the best quality when motion
    is selected.

    The image below shows an example of this, above original. This is a particularly bad frame, but it does appear throughout
    most of the background menu output to some degree.

    Note: Main video/audio (.264/AC3) is not encoded.

    Any ideas?

    [Attachment 69601 - Click to enlarge]
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