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    I have a few small questions

    1.) when importing subtitels in German, the special characters are lost. Insted of them there is "%" and different others. When I check the srt file with notepad, all characters are there (german langauge is installed in Windows)

    2.) Menu - how to setup the "settings" (Audio and subtitels) into the root menu. Not for each track seperately. So all tracks are played e.g. in english with forced subtitels

    3.) Menu BGM - when I choose a track....I want this track to continue when I switch to another menu page, not always starting from the beginning. How?

    and optional:
    4.) Menu (super root Menu) - can a 1.) Menu page inserted? like english / german..and all other pages are in english or german (depends on what was choosen)

    Thank you

    Best from SG
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    1) You can try changing the character encoding (ANSI vs. UTF-8) by re-saving with the notepad.

    2) Probably a restriction of TMPGenc Authoring Works.

    3) Not possible at all with DVD.

    4) Yes, but probably not with TMPGenc Authoring Works.

    What you are trying to do is advanced authoring. You might want to consider using an authoring software that lets you do things freely, such as DVDLab or DVDMaestro. TMPGenc Authoring Works is not for the advanced user.
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