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  1. Is there a way of burning blu-ray remux MKV files to a disc so they are recognised as blu-ray and autoplay using IMgburn? Currently i can only create data discs.
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    Prior to burning, video, audio and subtitles must be authored as blu-ray disc. tsMuxer can do this, but all streams have to be BD compliant. If the remuxed mkv indeed had BD as source, most of the times you can directly import the file in tsMuxer and let it output as BD. ImgBurn can burn this result to BD-R as blu-ray video.
    There is a catch however with Dolby TrueHD audio. To be BD compliant, it must carry an embedded AC3-track. Here you'll first need to convert the audio with other software.
    Should you have the mkv with only TrueHD, eac3to can convert this to "TrueHD+AC3".
    There is a chance that your mkv also has the native embedded AC3 track (muxed as a separate track). If so, you can merge it with the TrueHD stream into a TrueHD+AC3 track. This can be done with thdmerge.exe. It's in the DGDemux package.
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  3. Thank you Ennio, i thought tsmuxer was the best way, am trying now.
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