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  1. Hi there

    I have never had a go at removing text from a video before but wish to do so now. I have the latest Vegas Pro on my PC as well as some plugins including Neat Video and Vegasaur. I've also downloaded the trial version of Davinci Resolve (which I plan on moving to from Vegas).

    I have looked on both here and the internet in general to find out how to remove texts or other watermarks, and have also been typing in keywords such as Vegas Pro, but I am finding it impossible to find anything specific to my need? Most links take me to specific software or online subscriptions to purchase, which seems pointless to me if I'm only planning to do this once. And as I am already on a subscription for Vegas Pro, then surely I don't need to buy something else that I'm only planning to do once?

    In a nutshell, how do I go about removing text that appears on a video for under a minute?
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  2. Try Avisynth+ with InpaintDelogo plugin
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  3. Prefer the idea of using a GUI orientated program as I do not wish to waste my time learning how to use this since I only intend to do it once.
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