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  1. Hi,

    I translate a subtitles file, and the original subtitles file becomes unsynchronized after a given position, because additional screens have been added to the video.

    In the attached screen capture, the Text #475 is correctly synchronized, but the #477 appears 27 seconds too early, because an additional screen names "The Avengers Act Two" has been added to the video.

    Therefore the texts from #0 to #475 are correctly synchronized and must not be delayed, but the texts from #477 must be delayed by 27 seconds.

    If I use Synchronization -> Point Sync and define the Point Sync at 21'46" (i.e. 27 seconds later than the original 21'19" position), the software only modify the #477 display time.

    How can I delayed ALL the texts starting from #477 by 27 seconds, without changing the time codes of those from #0 to #476 ?

    Thank you
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  2. Multi-select all the subs you want to delay. Then apply the 27 second delay to the selected subs.
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  3. What worked for me was:

    Stay in the Synchronization tab. Use option one and use the last selection (third further down.) That worked for me a couple times, thanks to a previous answer here in videohelp.
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