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  1. Right now, the only way I know/use is to use TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works, cut commercials and have the file re-encoded, which usually takes some 40 minutes or so.

    Maybe this is just it, no way to get around this re-encoding, I don't know.

    Reason why I ask here whether there is a quicker way. I don't care about the file size. They usually are around 4-4.5GB
    Originally they are .ts files but I have 'converted' them to .mkv using MKVToolNix.
    (Still have the source files though)

    Any suggestions?

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  2. If you can live without frame accurate cuts, ie nearest keyframe cuts, try AviDemux in "copy" mode. Otherwise a smart editor like VideoRedo will re-encode only the cut GOPs.
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    TSDoctor and VideRedo are designed for what you want to do. Use the original TS files not the MKV's. Both these programs will attempt to fix any transmission errors if any. The owner of VideRedo recently died and I would check carefully before purchasing as the future of the company has a few question marks. I use TSDoctor and just a personal choice I prefer it.
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  4. Thanks for all the responses. I'll check them out. Started to have a look at TSDoctor, it looks really nice and is (very) fast.

    Gave a try with a source .ts source file being 4.5GB, being 1 h and 3 second, 1:00:03
    Removed leading and trailing stuff save the file to a new .ts file - playback shows only 39:21 is left - so, some 20 minutes of commercials.
    New file size 2.8GB

    I did not go into TSDoctor settings, I used it as it is.

    I see some change in 'Format" and "Overall BIT-rate", but .. I am not an expert, so I do not know if this is really important.
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  5. Any suggestion as to how to proceed from this point?

    When I click on Save new file, the new file still shows what is marked in red.

    when I retried later, it worked.
    am considering to purchase TSDoctor
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