Hello again. I nearly finished copy my VHS tapes with Panasonic DMR Recorder. I recorder over 50 DVDs, and I'd like to backup it to HDD, but before I'm looking for one standardized way of doing this.

Before I just copy&paste VIDEO_TS. But here someone suggested me to use MPG insteand of VOB

So my new backup Idea is:

1. Create disk images off all disks and keep ISO files on older HDD as second copy
2. Rip all ISO files with DVDDecrypter as separated chapters, and remux to MPEG2 with DVDVob2MPEG
3. Keep it as main copy on main external HDD, also add descriptions in txt files.
4. Most Important videos Burn to Bluray disks (as data)


1 .ImgBurn not creating images, because DVDs from recorder are Multitracks.
So, What is best way to copy it?
Just make ISO by drag&drop Video_TS (will it be still proper DVD Video after re-burn?)
or use other software and create for example BIN+CUE instead of ISO? Or use Alcohol120% and create MDF+MDS?

2. Someone suggested me to make one big MPEG when backup DVD to HDD.
Ok. But is it possible to keep chapters in MPEG file? I make some backups this way, but no of them has chapters. (maybe other software suggestion?)
Or is my idea better, with split by chapters?
I created manually one chapters/Video event, not automatic every 5 min. And I sometimes will send some videos to someone.