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  1. Iím trying to capture some old VHS tapes onto my PC.
    I have an old tv tuner card Creatix ctx917 with various input ports (svideo and rca video and an audio)
    After installing the card and trying a couple of different drivers I found.
    I should add, I'm on W10 and the capture card is probably 10-15 years old.
    Iím having the problem of the computer only receiving B&W video signal.
    BTW, the output via scart to my TV is colour.
    Iíve tried VLC capture and a couple of other programs I have.
    Iíve tried svideo and rca cable.
    Everything Iíve tried I can only get B&W to the computer.
    I suspect itís to do with the pci card/driver I am using.
    Can anyone offer any help?
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  2. Are you trying to capture NTSC tapes? You'll need a special capture card that can handle PAL60 -- that's a hybrid signal of NTSC timing with PAL chroma.

    The other possibility is you are wired up or configured incorrectly.
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  3. PAL (UK) - which is pal-i I think.
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    You need to set the cross-bar input, If you are using S-Video (Y-C) and the input is set to composite (CVBS) you will get B&W, Don't ask me how I don't know anything about your card, but do try to use Vdub, you can find the cross bar menu easily.
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  5. Composite video and s-video's luma signal (greyscale picture) are carried by the same wire. s-video has second wire that's used to carry the chroma (colors that are added/subtracted from the greyscale signal to create the final color picture). Since the luma/composite wire is shared both the source (VHS deck in this case) and the sink (capture card in this case) must agree on what signal is on that wire. So both need to be configured correctly to get a proper color capture. Ie, both must be composite or both must be s-video. And, of course, when configured as s-video you must use an s-video cable.
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  6. So I've swapped the vcr from the Toshiba to my trusty old feguson fv33v (a beast of a thing!)
    Now I've got colour!
    Anyone advise suitable capture settings (using vlc), the orig quality is not great and 4:3 obviously?
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