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  1. After being frustrated with the complexity of a couple of audio programs I have but use rarely my question is
    how can I trim a WAV file by time stamp? My problem with two of the progs I have which are Audacity and Goldwave
    is that I cannot trim and save properly. The playback starts at the beginning rather than the desired cut which is
    00:09:48.000 to the end of 02 01 01.

    The 00:09:48 I've saved which is the part to delete. I'm not selecting what to save correctly.

    Entering things in Audacity's Start Stop digital entry has just given me errors.

    So some simple solution is needed. Even getting to Audacity help seems overly complicated.
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  2. It sounds like you've already marked the section you want to save in Audacity. Here's an easy way to save that selection:

    Edit -> Copy
    close the audio track
    Edit -> Paste
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  3. Thanks for answering my simple question.

    I will look at your method. But I found after stepping away a bit that I was thinking about backwards. So in Audacity using the
    digital start stop at bottom:

    Enter start time 00:09:48
    Enter stop time 02:02:02 Hit 'scissors' icon, done and save.
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